Dennis Bater

Untitled photo

I am a studio photographer in the small seaside town of Parksville, B.C. on Vancouver Island. For me, my passion started when I was twelve years old at the Boy's Club in Victoria. My friend's retired RCMP father taught photography darkroom classes, I was hooked!

The passion for photography had never left me but was rejuvenated to a new level when digital photography came along. I stepped into the studio 12 years ago and have seldom left it.  To chase that perfect light has been a dream that never ends!

Whether it is a headshot for a business card, website, a lookbook for a catalog, or commercial advertising Studio 4 can deliver your vision. We also shoot with both professional and amateur models to create their portfolios. 

As a photographer looking through the lens of the camera takes me into a different reality, one I don't want to come back from!

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